Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino is a fun little game. When going on a hot streak and hitting numbers its even more fun. Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino is great as its an easy game to play and anyone can play it. Pick a number,color or odd or even and bet your money. Simple as that. Go on a hot streak and get paid. Their are 2 types of Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino.

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American Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino

American and European roulette at Liberty slots Casino are played exactly the same. The big difference between the two is the actual Roulette wheel. In America Roulette, you will find that the Roulette wheel features numbers 1-36. Colors are black and red, as well as a single zero slot and a double zero slot.  European Roulette wheel only has the single zero slot.  This gives the European Roulette wheel a total of 37 slots, while the American wheel features 38. So which roulette at Liberty slots Casino will you play?

European Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino

When playing Roulette at Liberty Slots Casino, you will see that there are tons of different bets to choose from. You can choose to bet on black or red, odd or even, a specific number, 2 specific touching numbers or 4 touching numbers. You will also have the option of betting on the zero (also the double zero in American Roulette). Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will launch a ball onto the Roulette wheel. This is where it will spin and eventually land in a slot. Players whose bets correspond with that slot will be paid and the dealer will collect all other bets.

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